Best Hand Mixer Review

There are many instances in the kitchen when you may need a mixer of some kind, but a stand mixer takes up a lot of room on the counter, and it can also be quite expensive. Need an option that’s not only affordable but also takes up little real. A hand mixer can be the perfect solution to making cooking and baking a lot easier.

Are you looking for the best hand mixer, in this article we will look at some of the top hand mixers on the market. 

  1. KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer 

Range starting at number one we have the KitchenAid nine-speed digital hand mixer the dimensions are approximately 3.5 by 8 by 6 inches with a weight of 2 pounds. This 9-speed hand mixer has perfect control and packs plenty of power, and with its soft-grip handle, you can have comfort. While mixing whether you’re creaming butter and sugar on speed 6 or whipping margarine at speed 9, you can adjust this kitchen mixer to accommodate any recipe. Its soft-start feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed, gradually which is a great way to help prevent ingredients. 

From splattering the lockable swivel cord lets you lock the cord into either the left or right side, so you can mix ingredients safely at any angle for added convenience there’s. A simple beater ejector button so that any accessory can quickly and easily be removed from the mixer. 

The exclusive accessory pack includes two stainless steel turbo beaters, a stainless steel pro whisk, two stainless steel dough hooks, a blending rod, and a storage bag to protect your mixer. 

This hand mixer is a great choice for mixing kneading, whipping, blending, and much more, and really deserves to be in our top picks.

  1. Breville Handy Scraper Hand Mixer

At number 2 we have the Breville handy scraper hand mixer. The dimensions are approximately 8.5 by 3.5 by ten-point two inches and it’s four pounds. In weight, the Breville handy scraper hand mixer is a top-rated mixer with intuitive electronic control and beater IQ. That automatically adjusts power to suit what you’re mixing. Whether you’re whipping egg whites, or kneading dough the Handy mix scraper detects which attachment you’re using, and automatically adjusts to the perfect speed.

The beaters are made from rubber, which helps to minimize sound so that you can mix to the edges of the bowl to incorporate all the ingredients without clanging. 

With a powerful 240 watt DC motor for quiet operation. 

This hand mixer also has a count-up timer for accuracy when recipes require precision mixing times, and a useful mixing light, that enables you to view your ingredients during mixing. 

Accessories include two scraper beaters, two dough hooks, and two balloon whisks that are housed, in a storage case.

  1. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage

At number three we have the Cuisinart hm 90s power advantage. The dimensions are approximately eight point five by three-point nine by eight point nine inches with a weight of three pounds. The Cuisinart HM 90s has plenty of power for all your mixing needs, with a 220-watt motor and easy one-step power switch. It has nine-speed options to choose, from that are shown clearly on an LED display. 

A great feature of this BPA free mixer is its smooth start with three low mixing speeds, that can eliminate splattering.

Accessories: include beaters, chef’s whisk dough hooks spatula, and instruction recipe book with all removable parts dishwasher safe, and a case for easy storage included. The Cuisinart HM 90s is a great addition to any kitchen.

  1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

At number four we have the Hamilton Beach 6-speed electric hand mixer. The dimensions are approximately ten point three by five by nine-point one inches with a weight of 3.5 pounds. The Hamilton Beach 6-speed electric hand mixer makes mixing easy with six speeds, including a slower first speed to reduce splatter and a quick burst button. 

There’s a built-in bull rest, that lets you stand the mixer over the bowl, so drips go where they belong and not all over your countertop. This versatile hand mixer is great for mixing whisking and folding, with easy to clean traditional beaters dough hooks and whisk. With two hundred and seventy-five watts of peak power and a handy storage case included, this mixer is made to handle all your baking needs.

  1. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

At number five we have the KitchenAid 5-speed ultra power hand mixer. The dimensions are approximately 8 by 3 point 5 by 6 inches with a weight of 2 pounds. The KitchenAid 5 speed ultraportable is a compact lightweight mixer, that is great for all your everyday mixing needs.

It features five speeds to mix ingredients for a variety of recipes: from slowly stirring in chunky ingredients at speed 1/2, whipping egg whites or heavy cream at speed 5. One of the best features of this mixer – the stainless steel turbo beaters that are designed with no center post, to allow thorough mixing of ingredients with less batter buildup.

All accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

The lockable swivel cord that is easy, to wipe clean can lock into either, the left or right side of the mixer, so you can approach ingredients from any angle we think this makes there is a great value. And although it only has 5 speeds compared to the previous picks, it certainly gets the job done.

  1. Black and Decker six-speed hand mixer

At number six we have the Black and Decker six-speed hand mixer. The dimensions are approximately nine by three-point eight by seven point two inches with a weight of two-point zero five pounds. 

The Black & Decker six-speed hand mixer is great for all your mixing tasks. There are five dishwasher safe attachments including, two professional-style wire beaters, one whisk, and two dough hooks. 

It has a powerful 250 watt motor with six speeds, so you can start slowly, preventing messy splatter, and finish fast, allowing you to easily stir beat whisk whip, and even work with dough. 

A great feature of this mixer is its turbo boost button, which automatically increases the mixer to top speed for tough mixing. 

Tasks with its hard shell full-size storage case, you can keep the mixer and all its attachments safe and secure, in one place manufactured.

With a perfect amount of power for mixing batters dough’s spreads toppings and more this mixer is a good addition to any kitchen.

  1. Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage Seven-Speed Hand Mixer

At number seven we have the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage Seven-Speed Hand Mixer, the dimensions are approximately nine by four point two by six inches with a weight of two-point six pounds. The Cuisinart power advantage seven-speed hand mixer combined style power and great functionality. It has a 220 watt powered motor and automatic feedback, that feeds an extra power when needed to ensure that the mixer will not bog down even when mixing heavy loads. 

There are seven-speed options, with three of the lower mixing speeds, to provide greater control when folding or mixing dry ingredients, and a smooth start feature, that prevents ingredients from splattering.

With an led speed display the settings are really easy to read, and the One Touch speed control enables you to change speeds quickly while you are mixing.

Other great features of the Cuisinart HM 70 are its extra-long, dishwasher safe beaters, with no center posts. Its rotating swivel cord, that can be positioned for comfortable right or left-handed use, and it’s useful heel rest that allows the mixer to rest squarely on the countertop. 

This hand mixer is designed to get through the toughest mixing tasks, and certainly is one of our top picks.

  1. Proctor Silex 5 Speed Easy Mix Electric Hand Mixer

At number eight we have the Proctor Silex 5 Speed Easy Mix Electric Hand Mixer. The dimensions are approximately seven point three by seven point one by ten-point three inches with a weight of one point six pounds. 

The Proctor Silex 5 Speed Easy Mix is compact and functional, equipped with a 125-watt motor. This lightweight hand mixer offers five power speeds, and full-size traditional chrome beaters, that are ideal for mixing stirring beating and whipping. There’s a unique bull rest feature, that is a built-in groove, so you can rust the hand mixer over the bowl, so there’s no tipping or messy drips for added convenience. 

The unit features push-button beater ejection and a comfortable handle for extra control carrying a one-year limited warranty. The Proctor Silex hand mixer is a reliable small appliance for all your baking and cooking needs.

  1. Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer

At number nine we have the Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer. The dimensions are approximately 3.2 by 8 by 5 point 2 inches with a weight of 2.5 pounds. This compact hand mixer offers 220 watts of power with automatic feedback, that kicks in more power whenever it’s needed although. 

There are only three-speed settings with this mixer, it’s certainly enough to mix just about everything that needs mixing. And with the extra-long self-cleaning beaters with no center posts, it’s certainly up to the job. With an easy one-touch slide switch you can smoothly change speeds for precision control during mixing. 

A swivel cord for right-handed or left-handed use, a comfortable handle, and beaters, that eject at the touch of a button maker, this Cuisinart mixer a pleasure to use.

  1. BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer

And for our final pick at number 10 is the Black+Decker Lightweight Hand Mixer. The dimensions are approximately 4.2 by 6 by 7.3 inches with a lead of 1.1 pounds. The Black+Decker lightweight hand mixer has a 175-watt motor, powering to professional style beaters, and five mixing speeds, that make light work of all your mixing tasks.

There is also a turbo boost option to increase mixing ability when you need that extra power. The durable beaters work easily when mixing stirring beating and whipping. This lightweight mixer features an ergonomic grip for comfortable operation, and the heel of the mixer is designed to rest upright on the countertop and sit on the edge, of the bowl to help stop messy drips. And when it comes to clean – up it’s simple, thanks to the dishwasher safe beaters. 

The mixer includes a 2-year limited warranty making it affordable and reliable.

The Black+Decker lightweight hand mixer is a great Buy and a really good addition to any kitchen.

So that sums up our top hand mixers, we hope you enjoyed it.