Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec Blender Review

 Blendtec recently launched their new Designer Series Wildside blender and I must say, I am very excited about this new model. Today I will be writing my Blendtec review on this new Designer Series model which in my opinion is their best blender to-date. It replaces the old Total Blender by adding a very cool new design and some new features but keeps all of the specs that we have grown to love from Blendtec such as the extremely powerful motor and various blending cycles. So let’s get started!

Features of the Blendtec Designer Series Blender

  •         Powerful 1560 watt, 3 peak horsepower motor.
  •         Futuristic-looking touchscreen interface with 6 pre-programmed buttons, and a touch-slider that allows you to manually adjust the speed.
  •         Wet and dry blending capabilities and both can be done in the same jar.
  •         BPA-Free Wildside square jar made of Triton polyester that helps to push the ingredients into the blades for constant blending action.
  •         Patented two-prong stainless steel wingtip blades.
  •         7-year warranty that covers everything from the motor to the blades and jar.
  •         Great for making green smoothies, crushing ice, and making tons of other recipes like soups, salsas, sauces, nut milk, nut butter, and much more.

What All Comes in Your Blendtec Designer Series Package?

  •         Designer series motor base in your choice of several colors.
  •         88 oz. Wildside jar (BPA-Free).
  •         Vented lid.
  •         Awesome recipe book with over 200 different recipes in it.
  •         Owner’s manual showing you how to best use your new Blendtec.
  •         Registration card to register for your 7-year warranty.

The Motor Base

 The base of the Blendtec Designer Series is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen on a blender. A reviewer in one of the Amazon reviews said that it’s like the iPhone of blenders, and I think that’s a very accurate way to describe it. The whole interface is a touch-screen which not only looks awesome but is very simple to operate.

First, you have 6 pre-programmed buttons that allow you to choose what you’re making, press the appropriate button, and walk away letting the blender do all the work. It will automatically speed up and slow down to the speeds required to blend your ingredients to the perfect consistency. Then when the cycle completes, it will automatically shut off. The big number in the middle tells you how much time is left on the blending cycle.

 For those who like more manual control, there’s a touch-slider that allows you to just slide your finger across the screen to adjust the speed.

The motor itself is a 1560 watt, 3-peak horsepower motor that has tremendous blending power, as I’m sure you can imagine. There’s really no ingredients that this Blendtec won’t be able to handle. To handle such power, the Designer Series also has a revolutionary air-flow system that helps to keep the motor cool. A cooler motor means it will last much longer and you never have to worry about it burning out on you.

Color Options

 You have 4 color options with the Blendtec Designer Series. They all look really nice in any kitchen:

  •         Black
  •         Red
  •         Cream
  •         Silver

 Containers and Lid

 The Designer Series comes with an 88 oz., BPA-Free, Wildside Jar that is made of Triton polyester. The size of this jar is a nice improvement over their old FourSide jar which is only 64 oz. The Wildside Jar also adds a fifth side which creates an even better blending vortex, further helping the ingredients to be pushed down into the blades more continuously. This design is why you don’t have to use a tamper with the Blendtec as you do with the Vitamix.

Even with the bigger size jar, it’s still short enough to where you can fit the entire blender underneath your cabinets. The increased capacity doesn’t add much more “bulk” to the overall size which I really like. It’s also still very lightweight too.

Along the side of the jar, there are measurements that go all the way to 36 oz. so you can easily measure your ingredients right in the jar without having to use a separate measuring cup. It shows measurements for both ounces and cups.

The handle is an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold in your hand and allows 3-way pouring out of any corner of the jar.

The lid is a really cool design as well. There’s a plugin the center that serves 2 functions: You can remove it while blending to add more ingredients without having to take the whole lid off, and it also functions as a vent for when you’re processing hot liquids like soup.

You also have the option to add the new Twister Jar which is very useful for blending thicker ingredients. It allows you to easily scrape the ingredients off the side of the blender and push them right back into the blades, all by turning the handle on the top. You never even have to turn the blender off. Here’s the Twister Jar below:

 The Blades

The blade iт the Blendtec Wildside Jar is made of cold-forged stainless steel. It’s a “wing-tip” blade which is much different than most blades you see on other blenders. With the new jar, they have increased the size of the blade to 4 inches. In the previous FourSide jar, it was only 3 inches. The increased size equates to even more blending power in this jar.

One of the big differences between the blade in the Blendtec and the blades in the Vitamix is with the Blendtec you don’t need 2 separate containers for different types of blending which is a really nice benefit. In the Vitamix, they make a “dry blade” and a “wet blade” depending on what you’re blending. With the Blendtec though, you can make everything in the same jar (although to be fair, Blendtec’s Twister Jar does make blending thicker ingredients a bit easier than if you tried to make them in the Wildside Jar, so you may find yourself buying 2 containers with either blender anyway).


Here are the size specs for the Blendtec Designer Series with the jar attached:

  •         7 inches wide.
  •         15 inches tall – The jar is 9.5 inches in height, so the base is only about 5.5 inches tall.
  •         9.5 inches deep.
  •         Weighs only 8 pounds.

In my opinion, Blendtec did a great job of taking a very high powered blender and giving it an 88 oz. jar, while still keeping it lightweight and short enough to fit under your cabinets. That is one of the things you will hear people point out when talking about the Vitamix VS the Blendtec, is that the Vitamix is a little bulkier and with their standard 64 oz. container, you won’t be able to fit it under most cabinets because the whole machine will just be too tall. To me, it’s not an issue as I use a Vitamix too, but if you are interested in being able to store your blender under cabinets, it’s something to keep in mind.

Recipe Book

Every Blendtec purchase comes with a recipe book to help you get started with your new machine. The book features over 230 different recipes for all sorts of items. Here is some of what you can make in your new Blendtec with the help of this recipe book:

  •         Fruit smoothies and green smoothies
  •         Nut milk
  •         Nut butter
  •         Soups (you can even cook your soup right in the Blendtec – just let it run for a few minutes and it will start to heat it up for you.)
  •         Salsas
  •         Sauces
  •         Baby food
  •         Frozen drinks
  •         Desserts
  •         Bread dough
  •         And more


Every Blendtec comes with a full 7-year warranty on the whole machine. This covers everything from the jar to the blades and the motor. 7 years is a long time and if a company is willing to guarantee their product for at least that long, to me that shows it was built to last.


There is no getting away from the fact that with a blender this powerful, it is also going to be a little louder than your standard blenders are. Blendtec has improved the noise level on their machines over the years, but it’s still going to be loud when you have it at full speed.

It’s not something that is going to hurt your ears or anything while using it, but you may just want to keep the noise level in mind if people are sleeping or trying to watch TV in the room next to you. If you’re downstairs in the kitchen though and people are upstairs, the noise probably won’t disturb them much.

How Smooth Does it Really Blend Your Ingredients?

When people say that the Blendtec makes your ingredients extremely smooth, they aren’t lying. I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it with any other standard blender I have used.

The best part to me is that the Blendtec makes it really easy to incorporate more greens into your diet by making green smoothies. With regular blenders, they leave chunks of greens in the smoothies and it’s kinda gross to try and choke them down. You won’t have that problem with the Blendtec though. Except for the fact that the color of the smoothies will be different, you won’t even know you’re drinking spinach or kale or whatever other greens you want to blend up.

I wasted so much time and money trying out cheaper blenders before finally giving in and spending the money on a Blendtec Designer Series. In hindsight, I should have bought the Blendtec from the beginning.

What is the Blendtec Unable to Make?

There is one thing that the Blendtec advertises itself as, but that it’s not built for and that’s juicing. Juicing and blending are 2 completely different things, and as such, they require 2 completely different machines. You will never be able to make smoothies in a juicer just like you can’t use a blender for juicing.

Juicing extracts JUST the juice from the fruits and vegetables and discards all of the fiber and pulp. Blending on the other hand pulverizes the entire fruit or vegetable so you’re still getting the fiber. They each have their own benefits and uses. I personally do both. I usually do 1 juice per day using my Omega J8006 juicer and then I do 1-2 smoothies per day using either my Blendtec or Vitamix (don’t ask why I own both, I guess I’m just a little obsessive lol and I love both blenders).

So yeah, if you want to juice, then I would definitely recommend getting a juicer in addition to your Blendtec.

Clean Up

Cleaning is really simple with the Designer Series and only takes a minute or two. When you’re done using the blender, just add a few drops of dish soap and some hot water, run it on high for about 30 seconds, then rinse it out and you’re done. With stickier ingredients like nut butter, for example, you may need to hand wash it still, but in most cases, it will clean itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As you can hopefully see, there are many advantages to using a Blendtec Blender. Here are a few of my favorite features of this device:


  •         The Blendtec Blender has unbelievable power. Thanks to the 3 HP motor, patented Wildside jar, and the two-pronged blade, it can pulverize anything from nuts to ice and everything in between, which means I can make sauces, dips, soups, smoothies, desserts, and frozen drinks with ease.
  •         This blender is incredibly sturdy and comes with a nice 7-year warranty to back it up.
  •         Very cool looking design and the pre-programmed buttons allow you to set and forget while you work on something else.
  •         Blends at an unbelievably fast rate, so I can enjoy my blended concoctions in no time.
  •         Everything comes out really smoothly so you aren’t left with chunks in your smoothies.
  •         Allows for healthier eating. There are so many more recipes you can make with a high powered blender like this one that you could never make with most other blenders.
  •         It is very easy to clean. Just throw some warm water and dish soap into the jar when you’re done, run the blender for about 30 seconds, and rinse.

While there are only a few cons and none of them should make you not want to purchase this awesome machine, I feel like they should still be mentioned:


  •         It’s pretty noisy. As you can imagine, with such a powerful motor, this blender makes a good deal of noise. However, the noise factor is well worth the blending power.
  •         As you probably already know, it is a bit costly. Depending on the model you purchase, you can expect to spend at least $400. It’s definitely worth the cost, but it’s still a nice chunk of change nonetheless.

Wrapping Up This Blendtec Review

The Blendtec Designer Series Blender is in my opinion one of the best blenders on the market. Thanks to this blender, not only can I make the best green smoothies I have ever had, but I can also make a variety of other foods including hot soups, hummus, nut milk, my own bread dough, and so much more. It truly makes healthy eating a whole lot easier, especially for you busy moms and dads out there. While the price may seem a bit high at first, trust me when I say it’s well worth it – you will get so much use out of this thing. Plus with the 7-year warranty, this blender is built to last.