Meat grinder attachment for KitchenAid

Today we’re gonna be looking at the meat grinder attachment for KitchenAid.


KitchenAid meat grinder attachment not only is this attachment a top seller it also fits all stand mixers.
You can process most of your meats in this gadget and you can process vegetables in here.

Let’s see what’s in the box:
So the first thing we’ve got is the meat grinder attachment.
This is a metal casing it’s beautiful it is heavy and I’m excited to try this. Up here we’ve got a very large hopper. You can fill this part up right here with tons and tons of meat to just push down into the tube right here and good-sized tube as well so you can get some bigger chunks of meat down there.

It has three grinding plates. There’s one that comes installed that it’s a large grinding plate. This just unscrews right here alright and then you can see the large grinding plate. Behind that, we’ve got the cutting blades so this is a nicer heavier-duty cutting.

We’ve got two sausage stuffer tubes. This attaches right onto your meat grinder to turn it into a sausage stuffer so you don’t need to separate appliances. The meat-grinder has those covered for you.
We’ve got a small two in we’ve got a large two for whatever kind of sausages you’re wanting to make. And we’ve got our pusher so this is strict to just push the meat or your food down into your grinder.
This is so your fingers don’t get ground up as well.

If you’re gonna do hard cheeses like parmesan so the metal meat grinder is not just for meats you can also do it for foods like that or if you’re wanting to make your own breadcrumbs this would also work for that.

Last up we’ve got a nice cleaning brush from Kitchen Aid they know you don’t want meat leftover in your grinder so these bristles are going to get in all those nooks and crannies so you have a perfectly clean meat grinder after you’re done use again.

So now that you know all about the kitchen aid meat grinder attachment that can grind quality meats, bread, cheeses fruits, and vegetables, you can now decide whether this accessory would be a useful tool for your family and household.

If you host barbecues and dinner parties or love sausage and other gourmet foods, then the grinding meat with KitchenAid mixer would be great for you.