Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

We all want to be healthy and we all know that this means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. These are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, as much as we know that we should do this, ordering a pizza still is simpler, and surely the sweetcorn and onion toppings count, right? 

 Unfortunately, the truth is that preparing healthy food is a lot of work. This is why the Ninja Kitchen System, was developed. This machine is supposed to help everybody eat healthy food in a way that doesn’t mean spending hours and hours in the kitchen. This sounds absolutely wonderful, but is it as good as it looks? Hopefully, this review will help you make your own decision.

 What Is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

 The system is actually a blender, but a multi-purpose one. The motor is 1500W and 2 horsepower, which means you can juice, blend from frozen, process food and mix your dough, all in one simple machine. Basically, it does all the work of a range of different appliances in one easy to use the machine. As such, it is the perfect kitchen assistant, designed to make all those annoying tasks easy and quick to complete.


 The system has various pulse options and settings. This means you can blend in a variety of different ways, including emulsifying vegetables, crushing ice, mixing, dicing, chopping, making dough, and creating yogurts or ice creams. Additionally, thanks to its super-powered motor, it takes no time whatsoever to create the most delicious foods. It is so strong that anything can be blended, but you can also put it in a more subtle setting for the more delicate recipes.

 Various things you can make using the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The pitcher with incredibly sharp blades is really useful. This has a really large capacity, which means that you can create huge dishes in one go. The blades are so sharp that the blending is always consistent and quick. The entire system comes with a non-slip base, which guarantees that it will stay in place. The suction cups at the bottom literally lock the machine to your work surface, keeping it from moving. The entire device is easy to clean and is safe to put in the dishwasher. Hence, you will no longer have to spend hours washing up after you’ve cooked something nice either.

 Finally, the serving cups with lids are an absolute joy. You can use them for smaller jobs, or simply use them as cups. Why not make your own healthy shakes and take them with you when you’re out, for instance?

 What I Liked about this System

 There are loads of blending options available, so you can do large and small jobs of varying consistencies with no problem at all. You can even mix dough and process fruit salads and more.

The system is incredibly powerful, which means you can blend anything you want. No longer will you have to crush ice in a tea towel with a hammer before making your juices, in other words. However, don’t think that certain jobs are too delicate for the machine either. It is, as such, a true gentle giant.

The multi-blade system that allows you to blend inside the jars is really unique. Every time you use it, your blend will be consistent.

Thanks to the suction feet, your machine will be locked into place, making it perfectly safe to walk away. Simply get the rest of your food ready as the machine gets to work.

The blender jar can hold up to 72 ounces and comes with an easy to use pouring spout. Hence, you don’t have to take the blades out to get to your juice.

The machine is affordable, particularly compared to others of its kind. It is also incredibly effective and diverse.

It’s easy to clean: This machine is almost 100% dishwasher safe. It is very rarely you need to do any manual labor for cleaning it. This fact makes this product in addition to being a great assistant also very convenient. Time is the most valuable commodity any of us has. You don’t want to spend 10 minutes 2 times a day washing a blender, do you?

Do watch out for the sharp blades, however.

 What I Didn’t Like about this System

 You cannot use the blender to make a hot soup. This is something other machines of its kind do offer. However, you can blend hot liquids in it, or blend first and then heat it up, but the Ninja itself doesn’t have a warming function. However, the other machines that do have this function are a lot more expensive and not as versatile.

The blender jars are made out of plastic, which is high quality and BPA-free. However, some people would still prefer glass versions. On the other hand, this would make the entire system heavier and more dangerous. Yet, because of the very sharp blades, it may be something to take into consideration.

It is quite a big system, which means you either need a permanent space in your kitchen for it or quite a large cabinet.

It is not a juicer. Although it does juice, this is solely whole-food juicing. It is not a juice extractor, in other words.

 Luckily there are not many negatives to mention about this unit, but it is important to examine a few common complaints.

 Noise: This blending system may be louder than other blenders on the market. This is due to the powerful motor.

 Price: The cost of this system may surpass other brands, but a person must consider all of the features that it will provide. This unit will be able to take the place of various kitchen appliances and effectively chop, mix, and blend to perfection. This will make it worth the extra investment.

 The Final Verdict

 The Ninja Mega really is a fantastic system. It does everything you would expect it to do and then some. There are loads of interesting recipes to create, above and beyond those provided to you with the system. Is it as easy as ordering a pizza? No. However, it is a much easier way to create healthy food and it is a lot of fun as well. You can literally get the whole family involved in trying out new foods and flavors and consistencies, and you will quickly begin to notice that everybody is getting healthier. I fully recommend this system to anybody who wants to enjoy healthy living.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Various System Configurations

 Large Bowl Food Processor. The bowl shape is round, so there are no corners that collect food.    This is ideal for party dips.

  72 Ounce Blending Jar. This is the traditional blending configuration. It is ideal for creating large quantities of juice or other drinks.

What Can Be Made With This System?

 The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Ninja Mega System. All foodies will be excited to experiment and create a great number of items. The attachments and accessories will allow a person to mix, blend, and juice. Here are just some ideas.

 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Instead of paying a fortune for fitness or energy shakes, it is possible to blend up a healthy smoothie with natural ingredients. Simply mixing yogurt, fresh fruits, and juice will create a wonderful breakfast. Since the power is so great, it is possible to use frozen fruits as well.

 This is a simple and tasty way to increase nutrition. It is especially good for parents who are trying to get children to eat more vegetables without a fight. It is also an effective way to cut calories.

 Pie Crust

Usually, pastry and the various dough can only be mixed in a food processor or by hand. However, the Ninja will be able to cut down on time and hassle. The homemade pie crust has never been easier. It is also possible to create pizza dough as well. In under 30 seconds, the perfect ball of dough will be ready to go.

 Dessert Batter

Everyone enjoys homemade sweets. With the Ninja mixer, a person can create any recipe from chocolate chip cookies, to vanilla cake, to healthier trail mix bars. This makes it possible to use nutritious ingredients like honey, oats, and nuts.

 Frozen Treats

Frozen yogurt has never tasted better than in the Ninja.  Fresh fruits and milk can be blended to create a thick and rich ice cream alternative. 

 Customers speak out

 Many customers have had the opportunity to try the Ninja Complete Kitchen System. Almost all people reported that it is one of the best appliances on the market. With one machine, a person is able to mix protein shakes, blend cookie dough, and mash potatoes. One person noted how much time is saved each morning while creating a smoothie. In seconds, she is done making her creation in the single-serve cup and is out the door.

 Another consumer has rated the Ninja System as one of the top purchases of all times. She has been able to throw away other appliances that have been wasting space on the countertop.  She loves how well she can emulsify fruits and vegetables for homemade baby food. This ensures the healthiest meals for her baby without added sugars or preservatives.

 Final Recommendation:  Is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Right For You?

 The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a multifunctional unit that will be a great solution in the kitchen. It is extremely versatile and can create things like smoothies and pizza dough.  The power is not comparable to anything else on the market, and the five-year warranty is a testament to its quality and durability. After comparing its results with other blenders in the class, the quality and value cannot be beaten. In the end, it will work in most kitchens and be worth the investment.